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Job Creation and Wage Growth

Sue is a firm believer in growing the economy from the middle out. For the past several decades, jobs have been leaving northwest Pennsylvania and wages have been suppressed. The citizens of the 50th District can’t wait around any longer for action. They are demanding action and Sue will deliver.

Raise the Minimum Wage: Ms. Mulvey is committed to increasing the minimum wage, first, because the State of Pennsylvania has one of the lowest minimum wages in region and we’re losing skilled workers to Ohio and New York, and second, and perhaps more importantly, she believes that no one should work full time and live in abject poverty. This is not just an economic issue, but also a moral issue.

Pro-Business Focus: Sue believes that one of the best ways to encourage growth is to addresses taxes and regulations that stifle our business. Due to the archaic tax laws in Pennsylvania, which haven’t been reformed in over forty years, our Counties are not afforded opportunities to provide comprehensive tax incentives to encourage growth. Due to overreaching building code regulations, and state mandates, it costs businesses a fortune to redevelop our areas. We need to reform these systems and work with our local businesses to find the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Sue will work closely with local businesses to address our outdated tax laws and overbearing regulations and state mandates that stifle growth and prevent local entrepreneurs from creating businesses of the future in Northwest Pennsylvania.

Promote Unionization: There’s no candidate in the region with more commitment to Unionization and the rights of workers to bargain collectively. Ms. Mulvey has been endorsed by the USW, the AFT, and the AFL-CIO and enjoys their complete backing, 100%. If you want wages to go up, if you want more benefits, if you want more worker protections, you want to support Sue and the growth of Unions. At the State Level, we’ve seen more and more attacks on Unions and worker protections. This is NOT a pro-growth strategy. They are trying to suppress wages and benefits. Don’t let them. Vote for Sue Mulvey.


As a nurse, Sue Mulvey is well versed on the challenges our region faces when it comes to healthcare. We need representatives who are going to fight the State and Federal Governments for greater reimbursement for Medicaid and other services. Our reimbursement rates are so low that it makes it difficult for our local hospitals and institutions to stay open.

Sue will fight the continued cuts to our mental health services which have helped perpetuate the opioid crisis in Pennsylvania. How are we going to address drug addiction and challenges facing persons with disabilities in our communities if we continue to cut and shrink our mental health services. We need to get our children and adults with substance use issues on a path to recovery. We need to take care of our seniors and persons with disabilities. Sue will fight for every dime to address these huge challenges facing rural Pennsylvania.

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